Nothing is more important than building a relationship with your dog based on communication, mutual trust and respect. All training is based on positive reinforcement techniques.Set the dog up for success!!!!We teach you to train your dog. All courses cover commands and common behavioral issues. Classes are for 1 hour and meet once a week at Mary's Health Hut-2024 Ridge Road, Homewood.  

PUPPY HEADSTART4 weeks of ongoing socialization, correcting bad habits and teaching commands.AKC-STAR PUPPY PROGRAM6 weeks of puppy manners/behaviors. We work on commands, housebreaking, chewing , jumping, etc.BASIC 6 weeks of intense commands and behaviors. We spend the most time on the come command and walking on a leashIN HOME PRIVATE TRAININGWe will meet with your family and dog. We will customize a plan for your specific needs. Training packages are available in 3 ,4 or 6 lessons. PREP CLASSES
*for Canine Good Citizen Exam
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