Love, Honor, and Obey Dog Training

About Love, Honor, and Obey Dog Training
Meet Sherry Luckhaupt. Sherry is a Chicago native and has always been passionate about animals, particularly dogs. As a young lady, she was appalled by the number of dogs surrendered to shelters for behavioral reasons. She vowed to do what she must to help enrich the canine-human bond. She believed that if owners were given the proper tools and training information, they could eliminate the unwanted behaviors. They would create a lifelong loving relationship with their dogs. For over 30 years, Sherry has been committed to the well being of the pet dog. She has read many books, attended numerous seminars and has learned from the best dog trainers and behaviorists. Sherry uses only positive reinforcement to train dogs and owners. There is never a reason to punish, harm, abuse, or scare a dog.
The goal is to have every dog become a family member that loves and is loved.  

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its ANIMALS are treated." -M. Gandhi